The Gwydir Press started as many ideas start: with a group of friends sitting round the kitchen table halfway through dinner and a second bottle of wine. We already had the press a Victorian Franklin platen and it had long been a dream to put it to good use.

Printing is a complicated art form, requiring high standards of craftsmanship and expertise. Letterpress printing in particular, where all the text is set by hand, is a laborious and unforgiving medium. But the results are like no other. The smell of the ink, the crisp lines, the feel of the paper, the hours and weeks that go into the production of each volume, give our books a unique and artisan quality.

We work in a converted outbuilding at Gwydir Castle.

Who We Are:

Kath Barrar
Peter Barrar
Kenneth Burnley
Judy Corbett
David Paddy
Peter Welford.